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Sep 11, 2002
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EXCELSIOR ROCKETRY is proud to announce our first original rocket kit-bash decal set.


Let's face it, not every rocketeer wants a rocket with a name like 'The Eyeball Ripper'. This rocket was inspired by my little niece, who wanted a rocket that more reflected her interests and personality. The LOVE BUG comes complete with a decal set and plans that allow you to kitbash a custom rocket from a Big Bertha kit. There are 4 love bugs, 2 heart roll patterns, and over 50 little hearts to apply anywhere her little heart desires!! Is your wife, girfriend or daughter lukewarm towards your model rocketry hobby? Build her a LOVE BUG for Valentines Day, her Birthday, or your Anniversary. (Helpful Rocket Geek Hint: make sure this is not your only gift!!) :p

Please stop by our website for bigger pictures and more info:

Let me guess...you have daughters???

LOL! I like it.

But really!! When are you going to release "THE EYEBALL RIPPER" sound neat!


Sandman, I just figured out what to get our Rocket Retrieval Expert. :D

She's gonna love this!
Fred, you are one really sick guy! ;) That "love bug" logo is so cute it makes me want to frow up!

Seriously, nice job! Definitely one to add to the fleets of all the guys who have daughters and "Barbie Rockets". Keep up the good work.

Thanks Guys... Nope, I do not have any kids...

But I DO have 39 (!) nieces and nephews, ranging from 1yr old to 29!!

When I fly rockets, I have no trouble gathering a car full of 'rocket retrievers'.

And, yes, this is sickeningly cute... isn't it?

Me and my big mouth... now I have to design the 'Eyeball Ripper'!!

Remember, it's all fun and games, and then.... ;)

While I haven't exactly spend much, if any, time myself attempting to come up with "female friendly" rocket designs myself, I hope that someone (& someday soon) picks up the ball & runs with it...

I've often thought that the reason why there aren't more girl/women/female rocketeers is because there are so few (read: as good as none) rocket designs that may appeal to women. That's leaving out half our potential audience here...

The only rocket kit in production IMHO that even could be considered "attractive" to women is the Binder Design Dragonfly.

Great work Astronboy. I'm sure that there are plenty of young girls that will enjoy your design!

And time for me to put my little soapbox away... :p