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Sep 11, 2002
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Yes, folks, the little rockets elves are going crazy building GOONY prototypes so that new designs can be released as soon as is possible.

This week see the debut of TWO new GOONYs:



The V-10/6

Please see the below pics, and stop by our website for more info:


First picture is of the NOT SO NICE DEVICE:

When you get Goony, you just cannot be Mean. So, when the going gets Mean, the GOONY get NOT SO NICE.

The NOT SO NICE ...DEVICE is modelled by kit-bashing the Baby Bertha kit. Building it is easy! Just swap the NOT SO NICE fins, for the stock ones. Paint it black, decal it, and you too can be NOT SO NICE. Like the other Retro Bash sets, the NOT SO NICE ...DEVICE set contains decals, instructions, and fin patterns to build from a Baby Bertha kit that you supply yourself.

plans and decals $6.00
Next pic is of the V-10/6

The following is from a top secret interview with the aged Prof Von Vogel, an ancient rocket scientist whose works remain obscure even to this day:

"All mine life, I schtudy rockets. I came up mit der original idea to paint der rockets black and weiss, to match my little kitty kat named 'Toonsie'. Vat could be more logical den dat? Den, along comes dat little Prussian vipper-snapper, dey tink he ist some kind of genius just 'cause he hast a neat haircut. Well, de basic design vas mine I tell you, as you can see mit dis model off mine V-10/6 rocket. Dey called me crazy, mad as a hatter even, but someday dey will see... "

"And another tink... dose rrroll patterns is not Vs... dey ist Ws!!"

The V-10/6 comes complete with decals, instructions, and patterns to kit bash from a Baby Bertha kit you supply yourself.

Don't get MAD... GET GOONY!!
Is a new nose cone included in the goony conversion?
(that NC doesn't look like a Baby Bert)
Actually, no. The nosecone is not included.

Thanks for the question.

I have updated the website to reflect that the nosecone is not included.

So, what is the total count now of 'Goonies' that you offer?
Aren't there more than the six you show on your web site?
(I thought you had versions of the Shriek, Zoom Broom, etc)
Well, I'm just completely OUT of Baby Berthas!

Are different nose cones allowed for goony designs?
Or is the stock baby bertha one mandatory?

That is a good question.

Goony Rule #1: There are no rules!!
(a few of my newer prototypes will illustrate this!)

The primary 'must' as I see it is to use the BT-60 7.5" long BT as the main airframe.

BB nosecones are certainly a major part of the idea.... but as Sandman noted, (with his Goonybird Zero, with the Mean Machine nosecone) some designs are OK with another cone...

The V-10/6 looks sorta funny with the BB nose. I just like the pointy nosecone ...

Here is a pic of the V-10/6 with a BB cone.

I say: Hey, it is YOUR rocket, build it the way you want to!!

So, what is the total count now of 'Goonies' that you offer?
Aren't there more than the six you show on your web site?
(I thought you had versions of the Shriek, Zoom Broom, etc)
At this point we have

2 Goonybird clone decal/fin pattern sets:

Star Snoop, and Missile Toe

and 6 RETRO-BASH designs that are our own.
I kind of lumped them all together in my head, I can see the diff now that you point it out.
Thanks for the info.
Originally posted by sandman
No...no changes allowed!
That's an order!

I can see that the BabyBert 'spoof' thing really works best with the original NC.


That V2/BB combined spoof is really cute/cool. This leaves me confused at whether I vote for 'same NC' or for 'most appropriate NC' to be used in the RetroBash series.

Either way, now I'm gonna have to put in an order.
Yes, the original GOONYBIRDS had a really stubby 5" long BT-60 airframe.

The Baby Bertha RETRO BASH kits use the Baby Bertha 7.5" BT-60 airframe. This 1.5" makes all of the difference in regards to performance.

You see, the original GOONYBIRDS were 13mm powered. They are the reason that the A10 was created. The A10 however, was still not really enough to fly these lil' rockets more than 150'-200' or so.

The 7.5" airframe allows for an 18mm motor mount. The RETRO BASH birds fly very nicely on a B6, and REALLY nicely on a C6.

As I mentioned, I have at least 6 more Retro Bash protoypes in the works, as well as some more ideas for the Big Bertha as well.

I also plan on having the entire line of original Goonybird decal/fin pattern sets available eventually. I have collected all of the original GOONYS in unbuilt or at least semi built condition. The artwork on these models was hand drawn, and getting that sloppy look with Corel draw takes a bit of time.

"Either way, now I'm gonna have to put in an order."
Well, I wasn't sure where to put this...so I put it here.

Not everybody will be at NARAM to see this so I thought I'd post MY latest Gooney.

All that is added is a payload section, some fin tip pods, and whatever leftover "GOONY" decals I had.

The Goony Constellation...or is it "Consternation"?


P.S. :D LOL!...I guess i forgot to take the dustcloth out of the payload section before I snapped a picture!:rolleyes:

Anyway, a dirty sock would be a perfect payload for a GOONY!!

I have finished a number of protoypes that will appear at NARAM.

As a teaser here are some names:






The 57 GOONY

Plus, I packed two of my original GOONYBIRDS:

A vintage 'kid built' Star Snoop, and my Missile Toe that I bought 1/2 built... so I finished it!!

The debut will be at NARAM. I will have plenty of pics once I return....
I think I had three of them, and lost each one on its first flight.

The first one I launched with both stages, and never even saw where it went.

The others I launched using only the upper stages, and they STILL flew away and got lost.

With an Apogoon II, I might have a chance of actually getting it back!
I agree about the Apogee....it is just too darned small.

Althoogh I have just finished painting and decaling the APOGOON, I have flown it several times. It flies great, and the booster spins as it comes down. I cannot see how you could lose one except to a RET.

Thanks for the link...

That just goes to show you how neat and how versatile the Baby Bertha design is. (Never mind the Deuce, which is one of MY personal favorite rocket designs!!)

I have about 8-10 more GOONY designs in my head , roc-simmed, or partially built........