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arthur dent

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Jun 27, 2003
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I saw this at the Royal International Air Tatoo and i think it would make a great model.The real thing is a two stage anti aircraft missile with vectered thrusters on the booster and lateral thrusters on the sustainer.
Is that the missile you were decribing in Brit-chat last Saturday? Its well cool looking! :D

You didn't manage to get a shot of the business end?

Looks like a great candidate for the Fliskits 2-motors in a BT-70 engine mount kit! Get a BNC-70AJ and make a paper cap, and cut them HUGE fins out of basswood, and youse gots yerself a rocket!

That is a missile BEGGING to be modeled - my skills arnt up to it (yet), but I'm sure theres somebody whos gonna do it! :D