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Dec 30, 2015
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Las Vegas
I wanted to share this with everyone in case you haven't seen or heard of these. A lot of people ask about my setup. The Premium 10x10 is the one to get. Normal price is $279. This will be the last canopy you will buy. Been using canopies for almost 25 years now and for many years, monthly. I have bought well over 20 or so of other variety.

Incredibly beefy and strong, cover is high quality, feels like a 11x11 when open, the storage bag is incredible. When properly staked and strapped, or how I do it, 25mph winds and dust problem. Going on 2 years with mine used monthly almost. I just hate to see everyones good time or weekend ruined becuase of a gust/dust devil.
Thanks for the link Rob. We have been nursing our 15 year old West Coast supply canopies along for a while now. They cost $700 but have held up quite well. Company went out of business about five years ago.
Just ordered the basic canopy in turquoise for $339. I will post an update in about ten years, if they last that long.