ESTES version of Redstone is ready !!

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May 21, 2003
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Hello Group,

Today I finished the model of ESTES' Redstone.

I will post several pictures of the model.

Hopefully, the files will become available Monday evening
European time, Monday afternoon US time.

If our club's webmaster doesn't forget to post them......

I'll post the website's address as soon as the files are there !


Another view of the top section.

Note the missing white clamps ( under the black
clamps )......

In the instructions it's clearly shown where and
how to place them.
Also some pictures are included in the instructions.
Erik, that's a very well made Estes Redstone! :)

Nice details :cool:

You plan on flying her?

I am sure I will go skiing on the snowy hills of Mars
long before I will launch the Estes model ! ;-)

Naaahhhhh...... too much work, I put in that model.
What if the shute fails ? Or the engine ? Or my brains,
making all but the correct calculations ?

I still have to build the VMX-2 model, I won a year
I got some tips from friends who have a lot of experience
in launching models and they said the VMX should be
built very accurately. Make a mistake....use an engine
that's too powerful....and the model will fly itself to
pieces. I don't want to risk that. I am really going to
build it the best way I can, but first I must make the
necessary preparations. But more important, build
some other rockets and launch them, to get some
experience and get the feel of the whole thing.

BTW, here's another pic of the Redstone, WITH the
white clamps attachted.

Erik. do we get ahold of a set of these wraps?:)