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May 2, 2009
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Toronto, Ontario. CANADA
Estes Vampire Rocket #0704 - I came into posession of this rocket a few weeks back, it's in great condition, maybe launched once, maybe, no score markes inside the BT- anyway, I would like to take and make measurements, fin femplates, NC type, etc. and post them for all to build.
I looked at various, sites JimZ, YORS, etc. Does anyone have the plans? I know it's all plastic, and the instructions were pretty staright forword, but does anyone have them?
Also, the decal are in great shape (on the rocket) bbut does anyone have them and scan them? I dare not peal them off to scan them. I would like to put all the items together in a PDF and then post them for all to clone, upscale,downscale, etc.



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Jan 18, 2009
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My suggestion would be to measure everything carefully and draw up a set of plans for it. I'm not sure about the instructions, but I suspect they won't have much more than how to load and fly it since it was an RTF. As for the decals, I would take several good up close digital photos and redraw them with a draw program such as Illustrator. Unless the RTF came with the decals on a separate sheet and the purchaser applied them himself, that's gonna be the best way to reproduce them. Again, good measurements will help.