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Estes Trident (K-33) Info

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Mar 27, 2013
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There's a very good scan of the Estes Trident (K-33) instructions, and fin pattern* over on JimZ's site. Problem is... the fin pattern is a .jpg, and has no indication of the dimensions. I know that the balsa was 3/32" x 12" x 3", but I can't print the fin's image and be certain of the dimensions.

Does anyone have an original that they can measure? I think the key dimension is the length of the fin root from the point where the leading edge meets the body tube to the end of the body tube.


*the file also includes decals, but there's no mention of decals in the instructions, and I've heard that the kit originally didn't come with decals. IINM the decals in the file were modified from the ones used in the Trident II kit
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