Estes Tiger Shark, anyone have a calibrated fin template, or can I do it off plans?

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Aug 27, 2011
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Estes Tiger Shark is a two stage with glide recovery of the booster (Centuri Black Widow similar)
Looked up both of these, I can find plans for them

estes tiger shark here, scroll waaaaay down:

century black widow here

but I can't find a CALIBRATED template

The plans for the tiger shark include figure 3 with a diagram of the booster with some measurements. Is it reasonable to assume the diagram is to scale, and I can extrapolate the chord length of that diagram, and use it to calibrate the fin template?
Go for it. What I do to collect dimensions is to use Paint and draw lines where I need a measurement and one matching a given dimension. Get the ratio of the pixel lengths and use that as a scaling factor to get your other dimensions. Plus, it looks like they included fin templates as well.

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