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For Sale Estes Tandem-X Launch Kit


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Sep 25, 2021
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Hello. I am selling the Estes Tandem-X Rocket Launch Set, Amazon (E2X) & Crossfire ISX.

$40 Cad, which (today) is $31.17 usd.

Here is the Ebay link

If you don’t have an eBay account we can do it directly. See my eBay profile here: 98D9319E-7C11-413D-82F9-468CCEA08F89.jpeg

This set is unused, complete and still in it’s sealed original packaging. It does not, however, ship in it’s original box. The original box was misplaced. I’ll ship it in another Estes rocket kit box that fits all the parts.


The body tube for the Crossfire rocket has a small dent in it (see pictures). It should not affect it’s ability to fly correctly.

I am in Canada (Victoria B.C.) so that may affect your decision

According to eBay shipping to the States could be as high as $28 usd, but I would need to do a specific rate check to be sure.

If you’re also Canadian shipping would likely be $18-35 cad.

and now, pictures!