Estes Swift fin template ?

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Jan 18, 2009
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miscut the fin template for an Estes Swift.
Anyone have a jpeg or link for the Swift fin template?
I tired the usual websites that have fin templates and I could not find one for the Swift
Here is the link for the one on jimx's site the pattern is in the instructions. like the quark you have to hand cut the fins from the strips.

swift pdf
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In case you don't see my reply on YORF - Be sure when you print the pdf file to turn off "fit to page" - If you don't, the fin template will likely be too small.
Thanks so much gpoehlein! I made sure I turned off "fit to page" as you directed.
We cut the fins tonight and Aurora glued them and had a discussion of Swift vs Quark.
Now we can start the interceptor.;)