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Estes Super Neo XL coupler or equivalant

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Dec 16, 2013
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I'll start as usual with a little rambling.

Ramble start:
Frustrated at the weather not letting me cut pieces for one of my builds (afternoon showers and temps in the 100's). And lack of space/funds for another. I decided to build one of my Super Neon XLs.

I had a 29mm tube and screw on retainer so I went with a 29MMT. Anyway...

The BT has a crease at one of the spirals just above where the tube fins are. I don't remember seeing it before so I think maybe "not me" or "I don't know" has struck again. I can cut it and strengthen it no problem. Except I need a coupler to do it. A full length coupler would be ideal. I could just run it down in there with no need to cut the BT. I can use the excess for an A/V bay (yep, I hate fooling with delay times, a quark is simple) and to strengthen the tube fins if need be.

I am no good with Estes sizes, I think it is BT-60. FWIW a 38mm motor slides into the coupler near perfectly. Which almost led to a 38mm minimum diameter tube fin.
Ramble end.

I am looking for lengths of whatever size coupler fits in this. BT-60 I think. My mic is saying 1.58" OD for the coupler. Anyone have anything like that taking up room?
And what is the Balsa Machining Services equivalent? I can order from there if I have to. Trying to avoid that though, because if I got there stupid motors will fall into my cart and I will have to pay for them.

Mikey D
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I can help id the parts.

The Super Neon XL airframe is BT-60 part #030401, the BMS equivalent is T60-34. The coupler is approximately 3 inches long, part #031777. BMS has a 4 inch coupler part C60-4 and a 34 inch part C60-34. I made servicable replacement couplers for my Mean Machine (BT60) years ago using a toilet paper core wrapped with 2 layers of printer paper/white glue then CA on the inside. The extra length helped align and strengthen the long airframe.
Thanks for the info Samb,

Thanks for the offer Eric, pm sent.

We had a bad storm come through last night, power been out since 1030 or so, so I've been a bit slow responding . It's miserable here.

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