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Aug 18, 2012
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Athol, Massachusetts
I saw on the NAR Facebook page something about an issue with a body tube on the new release of the Starship Nova.
Can somebody clarify what this problem may be? I have been thinking about getting one, but if there is an issue I'll wait until it is resolved before I do.
The Chinese manufacturer used a main body tube that did not have a glassine top layer. This left the tube rough and somewhat flimsy. Estes has addressed the issue and future production runs will have the proper tube. You can substitute a proper length of BT-50.

Randy Boadway of said that they would ship the kit with the correct body tube at no extra charge. I do not know if this is a limited time offer or not. Check with them first.

Actually the tubes are made in America and shipped to China. There is a layer of Glassine that is about. .001" thick that was left off the outside of the tube. One extra coat of primer and you won't know the glassine was ever missing, but if you can't wait for the next batch of kits you can always replace the 15" long tube.

John Boren
I've heard that if you buy one from they are including a free body tube with your order.