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Estes Starblazer X-20 #1342

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Mar 2, 2009
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Does anyone have one of these kits that they might be willing to sell?

I am not necessarily looking for a collectible quality kit.

If not willing to sell can anyone provide me with a high res (readable) pic/scan of the header card for this kit?

Send me a PM or email if yes to either of the above


Starblazer X20 050 cropped.jpg
Here's a link to the instructions complete with fins, etc.

I used these plans a few years ago to clone an X-20 myself

Yeah, that's what I used to make the one in the pic above. The only problem is that the scan of the header card is so bad that it's not legible when you blow it up.

This is my favorite rocket of all time, and I've tried for several years to find an original... unsuccessfully. This is just another resource in that quest :p

I'm working on a series of upscales of this rocket... Hope to have a 4" version ready next spring :D