Estes Space Cert. for launching Estes Saturn V on same day as Apollo 14 was launched

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Jan 22, 2009
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I've had this for a lot of years and decided to look it up scan it and share it with everyone. I've been wanting to for a number of years. Not sure how many rocketeers has one of these. I'm lucky to still have it since I earned it when I was around 13. Not to count the moves, getting married and moving to Germany, TX then Germany again and then back to the states and then around a few times. This baby looks to be signed by the Boss himself, it looks like it was done with a marker. Doesn't look like a stamp, that is for sure. Not sure who wrote my name on it.

So I'm inviting everyone that still has theirs to also please share it with us.

Apollo 14 Cert..jpg