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Sep 30, 2012
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Temple TEXAS
I have always liked the Skydart, but in all my years in this hobby have never even seen one fly. I'm considering one for my next build but wanted to see what y'all thought of it. Pluses, minuses, things that should be changed, trimming... Any thoughts appreciated.

Waddaya think?


You know these are on sale now, right?
I just built one but have not had a chance to fly it yet. They indicate where the model should balance for gliding, and then you can adjust the trim tab flap for best glide with a plastic set screw. The nose weight for boost is attached to the front end of the rear eject through tube, pretty clever design for proper rocket boost c.g and shift to glide c.g after ejection.
I had one of the original Skydarts - back around 1970. I loved it. No, it won't give you amazing glide times, but it is fun to build and fun to watch.
Funny......I have ALSO built a Astron Skydart II, but have not flown it yet.......

I also saw where they are on sale at Estes. I have wondered if the Skydart could be developed into a "rudder-only" beginner RC glider.
Because it is a flat delta it would need elevons requiring 2 servos. Rudder only [1 servo] could be done by giving the wing a dihedral [up angle ] of 12* but that would mess up the boost qualities.