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Kirk G

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Jan 9, 2012
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I picked up an Estes "Sky Twister" on impulse for my birthday. Boy, they're not kidding when they say E2X and assembles in under an hour. I was done in 20 minutes, being careful not to over-apply plastic cement on the wrong piece. Although it looks snappy and sharp, I'm just a bit disappointed in myself for settling for such a simplistic kit. (Never again. Skill level 3s and higher for me...)
E2X has its place, they come in handy when you need a quick build for the kids at school or scouts. I was pleasantly surprised by the Emerald Streak kit I got for a present off the shelf at the local Michaels. Cleary marked as an E2x, but they don't tell you on the web catalog or face card some cool features that make it great, like that the engine mount is integrated with the through the wall fins to make quite a sturdy fin can to survive many landings. And it has a generous payload section that fits an altimeter quite nicely. The sparkly green paper covering really is not flattering in the artwork on the web or facecard, but it really is spectacular in how it shimmers, really easy to find in tall grass across a field if the sun hits it. No painting needed, but I almost think the kit would look cool with a black nose cone to match the fins. A great flier on a B on a small school field, impressive enough on a C. It's not a builder's kit, it is a flier's kit.

P.S. if you want to try a helicopter recovery builder's kit, try the FlisKits TiddlyWink or Rose a Roc
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I like to bang out a E2X when I find myself in "Builder Burnout". After a couple of challenging builds, it's nice to relax and build something in one evening rather than several. Sometimes I get into a funk where I don't have the motivation to build anything, a quick E2X build usually gets me going again. And like GlenP said they are great small field fliers.

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