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Estes Silver Comet Kit

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Jan 23, 2018
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Memphis TN
If you have one of these to part with please let me know. My daughter and I would like to add it to our newly growing collection of kits to build.
It is a cool kit, but kind of hard to come by now that it’s been out of production for awhile. I just ordered parts to build a HUGE one! Good luck with your search.
Thanks, sir. Maybe someone has an extra tucked away that "they're gonna build someday". ;)
Thanks, sir. Maybe someone has an extra tucked away that "they're gonna build someday". ;)

I'm sure you're right. Just not me. :blush: A couple of alternatives just in case:

You can get pretty close with a current Estes V2 and the Silver Comet plans on Ye Olde Rockets:

I almost didn't want to mention this because I don't go there anymore but... ebay:
Thanks for the alternatives, samb.

We're in no hurry, though if nothing turns up we may try to kit bash one.

I did see the listing on ebay, but looking at past sold auctions, that price is too high. There was one for a similar price but I'm gonna chalk that up to a crazy Christmas gift purchase. ;)