Estes Shuttle with Stacks #1284 decals query..

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Feb 22, 2003
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I just recieved a complete Estes Space Shuttle with Boosters #1284 from Estes ( Thanks Christine ! ), to replace my defacto destructo special launched and lost the first Saturday of January this year due to no ejection and secondary flattening by a rocket-hating pickup truck.

Although the kits complete - except for the long bit of shrouding material for the aerilon attachment, it has no decals. Not a big deal, but i'd like to buy a set for my replacememnt build.

I didn't see a set over at Papa Tango's place, so does anyone know if a company has them available to buy ?

Many thanks in advance,
Shoot..forgot to ask:

I've decided to start using kevlar string attached to the motor mount (ala Quest's kits) and running it forward to attach the chute to - what size thickness kevlar string should I invest in ?

I figure that i'll go ahead and buy a large roll, that way all my low power future Estes projects - up to and including D size -will employ this as an extra precaution.

Once I get the tubes from Red Arrow, I'm starting on a Terrier and Nike base, then working up to a set of duel Sandhawks and then a Gemini-Titan.

Go Christine! That's pretty incredible that you got a complete kit! As far as the decals go, I don't think TangoPapa has them and I don't believe they are on JimZ's site. The decals aren't so great anyway; they are only really useful for doing the old version of Columbia. I saw a picture of this kit done up with RealSpace models 1/144 shuttle decals and it looked great, even had the meatball logo on the wing. The only problem is that the Estes shuttle wings are way larger than scale, so it makes the wing decals look small. You might want to try to make your own, then you can scale up the wing insignias slightly.
Hmm..well I was planning on building this kit as the Columbia - but I'm letting a Shuttle with Stacks model dry for a week before I start weathering it. She's already got the Columbia markings.

I'm planning on doing a diorama of her just as the SRB's are falling away, and already have a solution to recreate the engine flames on the Shuttle itself.

As to the decals - I don't have a printer worth anything ( Deskjet 672C), only good for simple letters, so even if I can't get the decals right away, the major work is still ahead of me. I could handle resizing/creating images for this kit though, one of my strengths is doing graphic work - but thank you for letting me know about the oversized wings/small decal problem.

Your PM came at a great time, as I was thinking along the same lines - but know very little about that process.

Needless to say, I'm just tickled pink *need an image made up for that saying*..since my Holy Carp saying from a few years back caught on - yeah, thats not a misprint - imagine a Carp with a Halo. lol

Thanks Drew, and you have a PM..8)
Ok, I could scan the decal sheet.

Here the file:
(636 kb)
Originally posted by Silverleaf
Shoot..forgot to ask:

I've decided to start using kevlar string attached to the motor mount (ala Quest's kits) and running it forward to attach the chute to - what size thickness kevlar string should I invest in ?


I would go with .035

If you need a couple of feet, let me know. I'll drop it in the mail
No Charge

But you do have to post a pic of the roc when you're done!:D

Many thanks for the scan of the Shuttle decals. I can clean these up with no problem, and have them ready when I need it.

I didn't realize that Estes didn't put the various Shuttle names on the sheet.

Thanks again, and Cheers !

Yeppers, I saw it about 10 minutes after it was posted, got it on my watch list. It's for a different kit, but it'll work just peachy - I'm one of the 20 minute left bidder types. 8)

Of course, if more people would place items as Buy it Now, I could spend more time building/designing, and less time sleeping on the keyboard. hehehe

Case in point - and why people do this is beyond me -

A current item is a Tube marking guide - it had a starting bid of 7.49 - and a buy it now of 8.95 - first guessed it - 7.49

Why ?..heck spend the extra buck 40 and be done with it.

I mean, I can see a sought after expensive item, but NOT this one.

*shrugs shoulders*

Thanks though bro, i appreciate it. :D

that decal sheet belongs to Estes kit #1385.

However one could scale it down to fit the scale of kit #1284.

I could also scan the decal sheet if needed.

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