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Aug 14, 2017
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hey everyone,

I hope I am posting this in the right place if not I do apologize, but I have recently refurbished the shadow rocket me and my father built when I was younger (never flown just stored for a long time) after building some new rockets with my father and my son I have decided to build another shadow but this time with some modification. I have spent some time looking for a kit and after all my searching with no luck I'm just going to order all the parts and build one with info from this forum I have found all the parts and plans to build a replica except one very important detail the nose cone......... so I'm reaching out to see if anyone knows where I can order/ get one without having to scavenge one from another rocket. I know I can get one that similar if I scale down to BT-60 tubes and cones but I want to stay in the BT-80 so it stays as close to the original as possible.

thanks in advance
BMS (and among others) sell a balsa BNC80K nose cone that will work.

I built a clone of the Shadow using Aerotech parts. They have a 2.6" ogive nose cone that looks like the Shadow's.

The Aerotech nose cone won't fit a BT-80 body tube, but it is not hard to build the Shadow from Aerotech parts plus thin plywood for the fins. It'll be heavier than one made of Estes parts, but sturdier. I flew mine on E30 through G Aerotech motors. I liked the more durable Aerotech-based clone more than my original Shadow.

-- Roger
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thanks for the information I appreciate it

what do you think about apogee?

I ran across them searching that part number
They're a good, reliable supplier who really put a lot of technical information out there and have great customer service. You pay for what you get, but they also carry things others don't.
you might also find an optima kit around, it was damn the same thing, but the shadow had a different paint job was cheaper. I think Optima was around longer .the super bertha and the broadsword had the same deal going.
I didn't think to look far an optima I almost forgot they are same haha if I can't find one I'll probably go the executioner route and just order what I need to finish it