Estes Saturn V 2157 build trtrouble

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Apr 1, 2016
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I think estes sent me a wrong part in the Saturn V kit. In the instructions for assembling the motor mount it says to mark the engine spacer at 8.9 cm. But the problem is that the spacer I got is only 7cm in length. It the spacer ued for C11 and D12 but this kit flys on Es and D12s. I checked and there is not another engine spacer in the box. Does anyone know if this is a problem with other kit or am I just dong something wrong?
motor mount tube (I think) needs to be marked at 8.9cm(3.5"), orange spacer for using a D12 in said mount should be 2.54cm(1"). hope that helps going from memory of building mounts for 90mm motors...have not seen the Saturn instructions.
I have a picture of the instructions but I can get ot to upload to the post. The mm tube is marked at 8.9 cm but that if for the engine hook slot...
right so looking at the instructions on the Estes website(which don't match the current offering), I gather that; the kit comes with a motor mount tube longer than 9cm, an engine hook, and a motor block. the motor block needs to be installed just forward of the engine hook slot 8.91cm, so you will need a 'tool to position the block in the right you have an E motor handy? if yes, put a mark 6mm from the nozzle end, apply glue to the inside of the motor tube roughly 8cm from the aft end, insert the motor block and use the marked E motor to slide the block into place leaving 6mm of motor hanging out. REMOVE the motor as soon as you reach the proper depth/ distance. install engine hook. also contact Estes and inform them of your parts problem.
tell them that your kit came with the incorrect yellow engine spacer tube(yours is D engine size and the instructions call for an E engine size) just out of curiosity did your kit come with; an orange spacer, and a motor hook for a 9cm long engine? I am wondering if for the re-release some older kits merely had the instructions swapped out for the newer version.
It did come with the orange adapter that allows the kit to fly on a D12, the engine hook included is for E engines
the first release of the current kit had the wrong size tube included. the simple solution is use an E motor to set the motor block, the lengthier solution is to contact Estes customer support and wait for them to ship out a proper length tube.