Estes Rubicon Diameter?

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Dec 29, 2003
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Is the Estes Rubicon body tube 3.2" and not 3" (Big Daddy) diameter? These two could have made an impressive kitbash!
If it's a 3.2" body tube it's a unique new size for Estes.

A BT-101 is 3.938" O.D.

A BT-100 is 3.744"
You are correct.

That's what I get for typing in without fully thinking...

Originally posted by MetMan
BT-70 is 2.217". This must be an all new size.
They listed the big daddy as Bt-300 or something simmular
have yet to measure the bt on the rubicon, but i can say this.. the wall isnt near as thick as the wall on the tube of my Big Daddy.

i'll put the calipers on it when i open the package.

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