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Found Estes Renegade (1271) Decal Info/Scans (and other Info)

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Mar 27, 2013
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OK Hive mind... *YOU!!!* Yes *YOU!!!* can help with my OpenRocket tutorial...

I'm simming up the Estes Renegade (1271), and JimZ's image of the decals doesn't have a ruler for scale. I need to know the width of the white bars that are used on the fins. With that I can finish the tutorial (and put your name into the sim as a "Thanks!".

I'm also looking for new scans (with ruler) of the fins, decals, and face card, of the Renegade (1271) that comes with the white, blow molded, nosecone. I also need its instructions as well (ruler not required). 300 DPI or better please.

Also, if you are aware of any other variant (I know of two: one with a black, injection molded nosecone, and the white, blow molded nosecone), I'd like to know about it.

This kit was bought in the late 70's. Probably '78 or so. Nose cone is white plastic and had a wood bulkhead. My lighting isn't great in here, if you prefer, I can measure with a caliper and report.

Renegade 1.JPG
Alrighty, with a halogen desklamp, my best pair of +12.50 readers and repeat measurements, I'm confident in this width of 0.211 inch:

Renegade 4.JPG

I built this Renegade when I was about 12. In my late 20's, I discovered there was going to be a large, organized launch near me at the Super Sod farm in Ft Valley, GA. I traveled to my childhood home and picked up this old Renegade because it had a 24mm motor mount, and I wanted to try these crazy Aerotech composite E motors they had at Hobby Town.
Not really a BAR, I always flew periodically, but this was the first I'd ever seen of anything beyond flying Estes rockets in the yard. So this rocket was my "date" that led me into mid and high power rocketry. It flew on composite E's (E25, maybe?) at the next two launches before the shock cord broke and left it with a rough hard landing on the access road. All the pieces were recovered, but there was pretty good damage. It still exists in exactly the same condition as when I brought it home, an old friend.
As one of my short-list favorites since youth, I upscaled it in 2" fiberglass a couple years later as a tribute..