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Nov 10, 2009
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Hi All has any one built this kit? I would love to hear how it goes together and fly's. Any feedback would be great.
I recently built one and found it an easy build with only a couple of difficulties. The upper fins are difficult to remove from the balsa without breaking them but they were no trouble to glue back together. The slots for the TTW fins in the tailcone are easy to overcut, so take your time when cutting the excess plastic. Mine still needs paint and decals and likely won't fly until the spring. Ted
I was confused by the placement of the paper pieces that go under the strakes on the lower body tube. My reading of the instructions had me place the end about 1/8 inch from the top of the fins which just doesn't look right. I believe that they should butt right up to the top of each fin. I'll post a picture later if I can. Mine has been sitting on the bench in primer since February so I can't say about flight characteristics yet. :blush: I am trying something different with larger forward fins mounted on wires that will have a more scale appearance without impacting stability. (That's the theory anyway.)
Here is a photo of my Estes Python 4 just as the motor lights up.

My paper pieces butt up to the BOTTOM of the strakes and then stick out about 1/8 of an inch from the top of the strakes. It looks fine to me that way.

As I recall the instructions were rather vague on the placement of some of the vinyl decals. I didn't really worry about them too much.

I have flown mine 7 times. Twice on B4-4s, once on a C6-3 and four times on a C6-5. The B4 motor is way to small for this rocket. Either C6 motor works fine and I estimate that you get 400-500 feet on it. I was worried that the parachute might get shoved up into the upper body tube at ejection, but that has never happened.

Estes Python 4.jpg
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