Estes Python 4 Tail Cone and Adapter

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Dec 29, 2003
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I just opened this kit up to take a look and I can see where it says to separate the plastic tail cone and adapter, sand etc. But what do you do with the adapter?

Is the adapter just an extra piece? (Cool!)

Also, anybody looked at making this a scale Israeli Python?

Some serious forward fins--->serious nose weight. Also might do a D upgrade. How much tail cone needs to get cut off? Looks like a cool kit, though. winter's coming--might have to put this on my list!


tailcone cutoff

You just seperate teh tailcone from the adapter, then sand down teh small burr that results. Enough so that there is no more protruding from the section that goes into the airframe.

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I have a method of making forward fins so they don't affect the stability of a rocket that much. I pivot them at the top (leading edge) corner of their root edge. My first try at this flew stable but landed in the woods where I couldn't find it. I simply pushed straight pins through the body tube at the top corner of the root edge. The long part of the pin was glued onto the leading edge of the fin, the head of the pin kept the pin pivot from pulling out. I strengthened the puncture point with white glue before the final assembly. This way the forward fins don't steer, they behave more as rodlike projections from the body tube. I was intending to scale this method up by using pop rivets that are expanded through the tube wall but don't have the stem removed. The stem would be the pivot bar that runs along the fins leading edge.

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the small part is the size for 18mm rockets so you can use it for some strange almost boat tail ending... id look sorta cool