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Estes pro series launch contoller new $20

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Feb 4, 2017
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Listing a whole bunch of rockets...to keep things easy for both of us, a few simple things:
Paypal only, USA only, prices are firm and fair. Do not say "I'll take it!" until you have PP ready to go. Thanks!

$10 shipping.
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OK, it's been like 27 minutes and I have been sitting here with Paypal ready to go - but no confirmation or instruction to pay. And I have to step away from my computer now. I assume I am out of luck, oh well.
Ok then. Still for sale. Trampe al, let's do this instead. When you are ready to buy multiple items, contact me then with what they are and I can see about combined shipping. Otherwise it gets too complicated. Thanks.
No more of this silliness.
This item is still for sale if anybody wants it.