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For Sale Estes Pro Series (1992-1995) and North Coast Rocketry Built Rockets


Original San Diego High Power Rocketry
Jan 30, 2009
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These are original Estes Pro Series kits available 1992 to 1995, and original NCR kits from 1994 prior to Estes' acquisition. All are built but unflown. The finish is pretty rough on these and some need fins reattached.

Estes Impulse$50Built, unflown, with nylon parachute, one fin needs reattaching
Estes Jayhawk Sold$60Built, unflown, with nylon parachute, some decals have flaked off
Estes Maxi Force$50Built, unflown, with nylon parachute
Estes Sandhawk Sold$20The Sandhawk portion of the Terrier-Sandhawk kit, built, nose cone seems to be glued in place. One fin needs reattaching.
NCR Corporal$50Built, unflown, with nylon parachute, three fins need reattaching
NCR Eliminator$50Built, unflown, with nylon parachute, all four fins need reattaching

I'll make discounts on multiple items. Buyer pays shipping.

20230121_214943.jpg 20230121_215016.jpg 20230121_215120.jpg

20230122_094528.jpg 20230122_094633.jpg 20230122_094657.jpg 20230122_094718.jpg

20230204_113813.jpg 20230204_113830.jpg 20230204_113839.jpg 20230204_114024.jpg

20230205_134224.jpg 20230205_134241.jpg 20230205_134400.jpg
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