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Estes Phantom #1207

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Jan 4, 2009
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OOP - Estes Phantom #1207, for $20 plus shipping.

New in sealed package. If desired I can post photos this evening.

This is the non-flying, transparent, display model kit based on the Alpha. Paypal preferred.

Have one built already, am simply looking to thin the heard.
Put this one up on e-bay, for my first ever listing there. Go ahead and take advantage of the "no reserve" price.

Estes Phantom #1207

Btw, if you view the ad on e-bay and have suggestions on how I've made that listing I'd appreciate it. Again, this is the first item I've ever sold on e-bay and am curious on receiving feedback on the ad.
Just curious how you are determining actual shipping prices. Are you going online and entering dimensions/weight/zip?

Not sure you if sell to international buyers, but I used to list the item for US buyers only and state that in the auction. Otherwise, everything seems to be in order.
Thanks Eugenio for the input.

Three days left on the auction . . .