Estes Patriot Body Tube ?

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Jan 17, 2009
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Has any one built the Estes Patriot (#2056/1249) kit? I just started the build yesterday and was curious why they chose to go with 3 body tube sections with two couplers. To reduce body tube filling and sanding at the couple connections, I cut down an 18" BT70 tube to the correct length.
I hope you used a BT60 (rather than a BT70) so that your nose cone would fit properly. ( ;) ) The total length of tube is 16.5". I'm building mine now, too, and also elected to save the couplers and short pieces and go with a single, continuous tube.
Oops! Typo alert! Yes, I used BT60 tubing. I would correct the orginal, but that would mess up the thread now! :D

probably...... so it will fit in the"launchables" packaging