Estes Outlander (Kit EST 2110) - Build Thread With Modifications

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When in doubt... build hell-for-stout!
Mar 3, 2018
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Central Colorado
I scored an Estes Outlander Kit from TRF member @Art Upton (thanks again Art). It won't arrive until next week.

After reading the handful of build threads here on TRF, and those on the RocketReviews site, it seems this rocket is underpowered with the 18mm motors? An upgrade of the motor mount to 24mm, or possibly 29mm, is planned. Also, the leg attachment seems overly complicated and problematic, so I'll likely hinge the Landing Legs from the Gear Housings.

Also purchased a set of decals from Sirius Rocketry that are more NASA inspired.

In order to prepare for the build I've been reading the Estes Instructions, along with building a model of the Outlander in Open Rocket. I'll update the OR model once the kit arrives.

Here's a really cool launch video of an upscale Outlander.

Stock Outlander
Outlander Stock Appearance.jpg

Sirius Rocketry Decals
Outlander Sirius Decal.jpg

Preliminary Open Rocket Simulation

2024-06-07 Estes Outlander 24mm 3D Finished View.jpg2024-06-07 Estes Outlander 24mm Photo Studio.jpg
Assembly Instructions below...


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I have one in bag in mint condition (got on EBay over 10 years ago). Too hard for me to build with my skills.

Before the Quest Jet 18 mm D I would absolutely have said go 24 MM, now I still think it still wouldn’t hurt.

This is one aerodynamically wacky rocket, so my feeling is all bets are off with the Sims.

Back when Estes maximum 18 mm was the C6, this along with the the MIRV, the ExoSkell, and the Venus Probe were the exceptions that proved the rule that Estes designed great rockets for the available motors.

You may find this helpful in build and flight planning

There are a few other reviews on the site that may also be constructive.

Key construction note

“There's also a 2" dowel that is mounted on the tube to keep the rings aligned, but this dowel is incorrectly sized, and needs to be 1-7/16" long instead. ”

also emphasized critically underpowered on an 18mm C

I like the original paint scheme over the NASA look, maybe just because I see too many rockets with that black and red print on monotone white look. Beauty obviously is in the eye of the beholder.

Chan Stevens found that to do the ORIGINAL paint scheme involved prepping and painting the parts BEFORE assembly, which obviously brings its own challenges.
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Spherical Tank

A few years back I stashed a couple of shampoo bottles in the barn, because they had hemispherical ends on them. I thought I might use them on a rocket someday. Well, today is that day!​
I started by chucking the threaded portion in the wood lathe and parted the end off of each. Then I used a hole saw to cut a 1-11/16" hole in each one.​
The two halves need to be glued together... so I'm doing a little R&D with some Duco Cement to see what works best.​
Updates: Glue R&D
06-08-2024: Duco Cement​
I tried (1) test with no prep: Failure
I tried (1) test with the surface sanded: Failure
06-09-2024: Bob Smith Super Thin Insta-Cure CA​
(1) test with no prep: Failure
(1) test with the surfaces sanded: Failure
06-10-2024: Testors Model Cement​
(1) test with no prep: Failure
(1) test with the surfaces sanded: Failure
06-13-2024: J-B Weld​
(1) test with no prep: Failure
(1) test with the surfaces sanded: Failure
Update 06-13-2024: Well, looks like this one is destined for the trash heap. It's impervious to all glues that I have. Time to search for a
sphere made from a material I can work with.
001.JPG 002.JPG003.JPG 004.JPG005.JPG 006.JPG007.JPG 008.JPG
009.JPG Jbweldpackage.jpg
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I never understood why they put B motors on the list when a stock C motor would barely lift them?
And a B4 no less o_O

View attachment 649859
It's rumored that they never flight tested the rocket until after the kit was in production.... which makes a lot of sense from all the crashes with the smaller motors. For sure needs to fly on at least a D12 motor.... or bigger to actually get some altitude.​
It is trying to push a 4-3/8" dia. nose cone through the air...​
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Turning a Nose Cone Cap

I used a scrap piece of Cedar to turn this cap. It has an extra long shoulder to hold the ballast.​

The cap looks great.
Keep u posted. The model I bought off Marketplace was damaged. The Capsule was bent in really bad. I was told the kit was new and unopened. Wrong, open kit. It smelled like cig smoke and the parts were punched out. torn decals. Good luck with the build.
Motor Mount, Tubes and Tank Heads

Used my trusty "fly cutter" to make the centering rings. Gluing them onto the BT-52HMF, then I'll sand the ring o.d.'s on the wood lathe.​
Cut the BT-50H tank heads on the wood lathe using a 1" dia. Pine dowel. Started gluing the heads onto the tanks. One of the tanks is for Altimeter storage, that's what the holes are for. . The altimeter is secured with recycled e-match wire. Loop one end through the altimeter, run the wire up through the two holes, and twist the wire together.​

001.JPG 002.JPG004.JPG 005.JPG006.JPG 007.JPG008.JPG 009.JPG010.JPG 011.JPG
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Motor Mount and Couplers

Sanded the O.D.'s of the centering rings, then started gluing the body tube couplers. I punched some holes through the couplers to inject some wood glue to attach the couplers to the centering rings. The holes also help the glue to dry.​

001.JPG 002.JPG004.JPG 005.JPG
Love the mods. This is a kit Estes should update and re-release.
Great minds think alike... :p. I emailed Estes before I modified anything and asked them if they planned to re-release the kit, and if the nose cone was available.​
I got their generic answer:​
"While bringing if (it) back is not currently in the plans, your request will be forwarded to the Estes Production Team."
Lets face it... if it's not a 3/4FNC rocket... they just aren't into it anymore.​