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Dec 31, 2003
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I recently purchased an Estes Astron Omega kit from eBay. I received it today and noticed it has a plastic nose cone. The original one I had from the 70's had a balsa nose cone I'm sure (I lost it to the rocket Gods many years ago so my memory may be fading).

When did Estes start using a plastic nose cone for this kit? The package has an original price tag from a hobby shop in the amount of $12.50. Anyone know about when this kit sold for that much? I believe I paid around $8.00 for mine in 1970.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for reading!
I can't say exactly what year Estes started providing the Plastic nose cones, but you are correct my original Omaga from March of 1972 had a stock Balsa Nose cone, That I never flew..I always flew her with a Cineroc. I still have the original camera, but have since Cloned at replacement Omaga 2-Stage.
Interesting question -

The charts that I have don't show the Omega as having been produced with the Balsa 60AH, only the blow-molded Plastic 60AH (JimZ's plans show a plastic nose cone.)

That is certainly not to say that it *always* had a plastic cone, because Estes *did* produce a balsa 60AH cone according to separate charts.

The Omega was produced from 1970 through 1980. In the Ninfinger catalog scans, the description for the Omega from 1970 through 1974 reads something like:

"The ultimate in big engine performance, the two stage Astron Omega blasts off with "D" power, boosting heavy loads such as the Cineroc to high altitudes. Use the lighter payload section for even greater altitude probes. The Omega features the simplified "pop-and-go" staging method for reliable booster separation and an 18" chute for safe recovery. Two huge and handsome decal sheets add more beauty to this bird, a relatively easy model for the experienced rocketeer."

From 1975 through 1980, the description changed to to include the following:

"Recommeded launch vehicle for the Cineroc aerial movie camera. Provides the ultimate in two-stage, big "D" engine performance for lofting heavier payloads. Features simplified pop-and-go staging, high performance plastic ogive nose cone, large payload section, and die-cut fins. Plus unique two-color fin decals, giant 18" parachute recovery and tumbling booster."

Certainly not a definitive method for determining when they switched from balsa to a plastic cone, but interesting to note none-the-less that they started specifically mentioning the plastic cone in the catalog from 1975 forward to the end of its run in 1980.
Took a few minutes to go through some of my old catalogs. Forecheck is correct in that the PNC-60AH was introduced in the 1975 catalog along with the BNC-60AH both at 1.75each:)
Page 16 shows the Omaga 2-stage and refers to the Plastic Nose cone. The 1974 catalog shows only the BNC-60AH, and doesn't mention what type cone is on the Omaga model (page 30) the slothing tells me the PNC package Omaga started in 1975, with a new catalog number of 1200 & book price $6.50. 1974 Omaga Cat #K-52p would have the BNC with a book price of 5.95
Man do I miss those days!!!
Thanks to everyone giving me the info.

It appears that 1975 is the date BUT, Micro brings up an interesting twist:

PNC package Omaga started in 1975, with a new catalog number of 1200

The Omega I have is marked K-52P and has the PNC!

This is getting odd, maybe the one I got is from somewhere between 1974 and 1975? Perhaps Estes used up the BNC in 1974 and started using the PNC before 1975?
Remember also that there have been two versions of the PNC-60AH. The one we have now is blow molded white plastic. The one from the early 70's was injection molded black plastic. It was heavier than the current version and used a screw eye instead of a molded attachment point for recovery.

I have an old Red Max with the injection molded cone. Odds are the early Citation Patriot and Omega used it also, but I have no proof.
My Omega had the black plastic NC with a white plastic disk on the bottom. The eyescrew was screwed into it. I don't remember when I bought it, but it had to be before 1975. I'd say 73-or74.
Originally posted by tbzep
I have an old Red Max with the injection molded cone. Odds are the early Citation Patriot and Omega used it also, but I have no proof.

I have both a Citation Red Max & Patriot. Both of these box kits came with the black injection molded nose cone.