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Found Estes OLYMPUS (7293) Info... Shock Cord and Launch Lug Length... Fin Thickness

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Mar 27, 2013
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My sim of the OLYMPUS is nearly complete, but my personal sample is in a box and I have yet to uncover it since I moved... I need info on the shock cord... I know it's 1/4" wide rubber... But I can't find the length.

I also need the length of the launch lug, and the thickness of the fins. I have my guesses on all of these, but I need measurements to confirm my hunches.

Fins are 3/32. Launch lug (for 3/16s rod) is 2 inches long. Shock cord is four feet long. (I just grabbed a kit I had within reach to measure.)

I guess I was off by a bit... I was sure the fins were 1/8". I had guessed 3' for the shock cord. I'll go fix the numbers and work on getting this finished.

All The Best!