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I see two additional models have been added to the Estes Coming Soon web site page.

John Boren
wonder what the rev limit is on the twister... both look nice, thanks for the heads up.
Here's another reason the Nike-X design is sooooo cool - with the reasonable fin size and ogive nose cone it makes an easy yet killer upscale. Here is bill2654's 4" version from over in the galleries:
Another nice looking bring back by Estes, thank you. The last few Estes kits I have built I noticed some small issues. First the balsa, it seals up nice and smooth with Aergloss balsa sealer. Then I hit it with paint and the grain pops up, or at least that is the best way I can describe it. I know that Chris has shown an example of this happening on his model rocket blog. Really no big deal just have to sand it back and paint again. The other issue has been the poor quality of decals. I build Estes kits with 30 year old decals that go on better than some of the new kits. The newly released Airborne Surveillance Missile decals were a challenge to say the least.