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Feb 5, 2003
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Before I do this I need to know if you can ship Estes motors thru the Post Office?? Don't know if its legal or not. I would think it is since I have got them thru mail before. Any cautions I should take?? These are A thru D motors nothing bigger.

There is a special permit required. Basically you have to get some special training, have permission of the USPS, and you would have to put the proper markings on any packages containing BP. It is not advisable for you to do this without the permit unless you like the idea of a looong vacation in Leavenworth.

Estes can ship motors because they got one of the permits.
It is possible to mail motors in unopened Estes/Quest motor packs by the US postal service.
You must take your package and packing material OPEN to the post office, show the contents to the post office manager, supervisor, or CMFWIC;). He/they will issue the proper lable(s), watch you pack and tape the box, and take your money. The process takes about 30 to 40 minutes. You have to ask to see the post office manage as most of the counter folks do not know this is possible. But individuals CAN ship motors in this manor, I just did it within the last 2 weeks. Don't try to include AP motors, BP motors only and they MUST be in factory sealed packs.

Please read the NAR information document at the link provided.

Any other "information" provided by others may lead you to violate US Postal Regulations. Just because someone "got away" with shipping illegally, does not mean you should. And just because a local post office clerk or even a local postmaster told you it's OK, does NOT mean it's OK or legal.

The NAR does not lie. You can trust their information.

By the way, the reason you can have motors sent to you is that the maor retailers who ship orders have obtained the necessary permissions (usually via the manufacturers like Estes or Quest).

Good luck.
Thanks guys, I guess that idea for extra cash won't fly, its ashame too cause I've got close to 50 motors. Oh well, such is life.


With the number of folks doing rocketry these days, why not just stipulate local buyers only, with in-person pickup/delivery? I scored a box of 30 BP motors from a guy only 30 minutes away (on eBay no less!) and we completed the transaction in person.

Or just send a message over your local rocketry club's email list, describing what you've got and how much you want.
yeah man, good call. where are you located? 50 motors...thats quite a bit. i'd let your local rocketry club know about it. or, shoot em off...thats the best way to dispose of them. lol.