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Estes Model Rocketry Gear & Others on eBay

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Jun 30, 2010
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I don't know if this belongs here, mods please move it if it belongs somewere else. :)

Right, heres a few things that I've seen on eBay that might be of interest to some of you :

Estes X-Fighter Kit

Estes & Other lot Catalogues

Estes Code Red SS ( Hey it's cheap )

Estes Naboo Fighter

Estes Trade Feb Battleship

Estes Trade Feb Droid Battleship

NAR Model Rocket Activities

Not Rocketry Related But It Looks Neat

3x High Power Rocketry Mags

NAR Supersonic Rocketry

Handbook of Model Rocketry

The Model Rocketry Handbook

Advanced Model Rocketry

Any more that I find interesting, I will keep you updated
I think it may have, un-opened, looks like it's in perfect condition. Hell yeah :D
Id bid on it if it was in the UK :(