Estes Maxi Honest John finished!!

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Oct 28, 2009
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Hi gang..

Finally got around finishing my Estes Maxi Honest John,

Came out pretty good.... Fully loaded weight was 13oz... Not bad since advertised weight was 14oz...

Maiden flight was perfect on a D12-3... It was a little windy but created no problems. Only minor weathercocking.

Only mod was to ditch the motor hook and mount block. Makes it easier to load a F21 AT ;-) .... Also added an aft centering ring for more strength along with a 1/4" launchlugs.

looks great !
glad to hear you had a good D12 flight and recovery
That looks real nice. Where did you get it? I want a Ho-Jo so bad I can tatse it. Is it in production? Have I been asleep?

REK, I got an HJ kit from Rocket Motion, they are in Bakersfield, CA. I think they have another.

TonyF, at ROC a month ago someone launch an HJ with an AT E15 in it and it totally boogied! he built his HJ stock and it was fine. if you look around you can find those motors.

But I am glad to hear it went OK on a D12, I won't be afraid to try it like that.

oh man, I gotta get a-building.

Oh yeah, at ROC on Saturday, the Skunkworks 10" Honest John launched, I think on M1419. I have video but haven't put it online yet.
I want a HJ aswell :( But there like £50 over here ! :( :( :(