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Jan 29, 2009
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I'm looking to clone an Estes Longshot #1980. This is the single stage rocket not the 2 stage rocket with the same name. I am trying to find out the length of the BT50 body tube. I know its 2 pieces but need to know the overall length.
I found the plans here:

The length of the tubes is not given, but the overall rocket length is 40.75" (according to the face card). The tubes in the parts display are shown the same length; I'd guess they are 18". That would make 36", so to get that total length, a 4.75" long nose cone (sans shoulder) would be needed. Given that the tube is BT-50 (based on the stated diameter) and the cone appears to be a long ogive, that seems reasonable.

Just a guess, of course; but add to that the fact that the manufacturer, Estes, has no particular reason to build a rocket with odd-length tubes, and 18" is a standard length, and I think that cinches my case.
A BNC50Y nose cone is 4.375" long from shoulder to tip. It looks about right to my eye.