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Feb 2, 2004
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They are fun, but just too small.


(sorry about the scale KBR to BSD logo spoof Mark Saunders, we had extra from the Horizon kits. :) )
Originally posted by FDB
They are fun, but just too small.

Yea, that's pretty small alright!!!!!!!

What motors were used? Where's the launch pics?
An AWM M3000 like the picture said was the central, it lit. Then 4 Cesaroni J330's airstarted early about 3 seconds in, 2 J400's were the 2nd airstart ,but only 1 lit.

More pix to follow. Thanks for the reply. It was cool.

Now that's an Executioner!!!

I was going to come down to that launch but couldn't make it.:(

Your not the guy from Freeport by any chance?
dude, lay off the guy, he said he would get some more pics!!!

very awesome, I like it alot, I cant wait to see the pics
Thanks Martin, and I'm actually Clay's brother. Carl from Freeport helped do all the prepping, a huge help but he's a machinist, doesn't fly!

Video link Click HERE.

Hosted by JJ, 10 MEG. Pry best to right click and "Save As."
Ok, here's the build pictures, and I'll let clay tell you some more as he's here. Lotsa carbon fiber and kevlar-


The last picture shows the 2"zipper that was caused by an Altacc deploying both chutes at speed resulting in -35g's on the rocket, tearing Skyangle Cert 3 chutes (they are tough and did their job), bending the u-bolts attached to the bulkheads and egg shaping a 1500# swivel. Fortunately, all the bulkheads were laminated with 4 layers of 5.7 oz Kevlar and the airframe was laminated with Kevlar as well. It will be an easy repair other than repainting the tube. Kevlar is almost impossible to tear and certainly saved the rocket from destruction. As you can see from the build photos everything received a layer of carbon fiber or Kevlar or both. Why I didn't put in a 4" central is beyond me! The next flight will be at MWP2 in October on EX motors.
MWP2...Cool...I'll be there. I was at last years launch on Saturday. Hopefully this year I can make it there a couple of days:D
The build pics aren't that interesting, but loading it to the pad is. (The Flight looks good too)



Brent Hill, from TQC is the master on the camera. This is a huge "thank you" to him and his talents. His pictures show up in Extreme Rocketry often, for good reason.

Thanks Brent, it's just great work.
Originally posted by FDB
Ok, here's the build pictures . . . [/i]

How did you get links for NINE pictures included in one post?

Oh yeah, welcome to TRF!
Originally posted by Martin Vrstal
MWP2...Cool...I'll be there. I was at last years launch on Saturday. Hopefully this year I can make it there a couple of days:D

Look fwd to seeing you, but try to make Friday this year as well. My other brother has obtained a 60 qt Hobart EX mixer... could get exciting!

See ya there.
After studying the flight data and talking to Scott at Blacksky, the zipper was not the fault of the altimeter. In fact the G-wiz deployed slightly before the Altacc. The problem was two-fold, first the Altacc has a safety mode that will deploy the main if continuity is lost on the drogue when it detects apogee. This can be overidden by putting a resister on the drogue outputs on the altimeter. The G-wiz fired and I'm guessing 5 g's of blackpowder going off next to the Altacc charge dislodged the e-match. The second part of the equation was it was very windy at upper elevations. The rocket windcocked hard and actually went 1350' further inertially than what the altimeters detected barometric. Basically travelling very fast at deployment due to the severe windcock at motor burnout. My apologies for coming to the wrong conclusion without all the facts.
Originally posted by powderburner
How did you get links for NINE pictures included in one post?
Links can be unlimited. "Attachments" in one post is the question. ;)
The Executioner (the little Estes one ;)) was the 1st rocket I built to fly on composites. One of my favorite workhorse flyers. Now, you guys come out with this ... what can I say... absolutely awesome.
*can't talk because my jaw is still on the ground* Man, that is amazing! The Executioner was the first real "kitbash" I did with a LOC motor tube for composites, and beefed up recovery, so it's kind of a favorite of mine. Man, that thing is amazing!!! Thanks for the posts, guys!

Starting on the booster for the Executioner. It will be a 10" diameter with three 4" mmts and be a little over 5' tall. Plan on flying three N3700 EX motors in the booster and a fast fucia 7600ns M in the sustainer and then airstarting 3 - 38mm smokies at the top. It will either work or be an expensive and spectacular wreck. I'll keep you posted.
Originally posted by Clay Kremer
Plan on flying three N3700 EX motors in the booster and a fast fucia 7600ns M in the sustainer and then airstarting 3 - 38mm smokies at the top.

Gee, Clay, I thought you were nuts with the single stage version! Will this go up at MWP?
SWEET i cant wait to see it at mwp2. that launch is suposed to be reallllllly kewl. Tim Lehr is launching a 4X upscale of the Wildman rocket on a N2000 with 4 M2200SK. or it could be 6 M2200, can't remember. thers gona be M or N drag race. and a M EX sparkey like last years L sparkey at the EX night launch. I cant wait for it! And now your progect just gives me all the more reson to go. some of these rockets are way to big for LDRS. MWP is gona turn into the next LDRS!
daaaaaaaaang!!!!! drool!!!! and i thought my dads modified 29 mm one was big!!!!!


[color=#fffff]This is not the secret word [/color]
If I fly it at MWP2 it will have to be on L's in the booster or it will kill the waiver. Haven't finished tinkering with the sim but it will demolish the waiver if everything lights as planned with N's in the booster. Maybe they'll be able to get some higher windows. Regardless, MWP2 is gonna kick. Lots of big projects, drag races and EX day will be unreal from what I hear from the motor mixing crowd.
Stones...Last years MWP was held just west of Mendota IL. in October. I'm sure there planning one again for this year, but haven't heard when for sure. You may want to keep an eye out on the launch listings here.

I'm sure I'll be going again this year I'll also post something when the time gets closer.
Tnx Marty...
Sounds like something close enough for me to try and make. Appreciate the headsup and any future info you come across. I'll keep my eye on the listings, also.
Definitely worth the trip. MWP1 was well attended and there were ~350 flights if IIRC. Take a look at the TQC website Marty posted above and click on the photo & video links. Some impressive pix/flights.

And while you're there go to the discussion board and ask for some dates. A lot of us want to know when it will be but no dates have been set as yet. Maybe another 'push' will help the 'powers that be' decide on a date!

Clay, you could alwase do what tim the Wildman does. if the window is at 15,000 just say your rocket is gowing 14,999ft. and 9/10in. ;) Also its Tim who will decide the dates. I will talk to him this saterday up here at Bong. If he has set the dates I will post them eather on saterday night or sometime on sunday. and you guys can alwase ask him at LDRS if your gowing. I bet he will be the largest vendor there, and alot of the best prices too. Really try to make it to MWP2. It is by far worth the long ride. last year it was a 3 day. Friday was the EX day, and the EX night launch. Saterday is the day the big stuff will go up, along with another night launch. and sunday is usualy the day that you fly all the rockets you havent flown so far. no night launch on sunday. TRY TO MAKE IT!!!!