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mark schnell

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Feb 13, 2004
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This is my first posting to the forum. I opened the box to my Estes Jayhawk #2085 the other day and everything was there except my plans. Does anyone have a set they could send me. I'd be glad to pay. I'd normally just figure it out as I went along but this baby is a little more detailed than the Centuri version I remember building when I was a kid. Thanks.

Mark Schnell
I should have clarified. I have tried Jimz and everywhere else on the web. I can't find those plans posted anywhere.
I had a similar problem with the echostar, but in my case i lost the nosecone on my first flight (i followed the instructions to the par).

I sent a letter to estes and they delivered the parts needed with no cost at all.

I have great trust in estes now and are certain they will give you the plans!! :D
Thanks, the worst that can happen is that they say no. I have heard quite a few times how they respond well to customers. :D
Mark...give me a day or so and I'll scan the plans I have. I think I scanned them once before for nt3jim.
Is that the Pro-Series Jayhawk? I love that rocket :). I built two iof them. The first on was stock, flew on D12, D13, E15E and E18 motors. The second one was built a year ago, modified for F and G motors. It got lost at NSL 2003 :(.

I had the same problem you have. Stones was able to hook me up with instructions :).
The Pro-Series Jayhawk was always on my wish list as a kid! Could you add me to the list of folks interested in the plans? I'd love to build one! I'm gradually working through aquiring old kits or plans of kits I wanted as a kid. I'm also on the lookout for plans for the Pro-Series Patriot and Maxi-Pershing. (I picked up both the Maxi-V2 and Maxi-Honest John kits when Estes re-released them.)

I'm building a scratch 3" diameter 2 x 29mm Jayhawk. I don't need the Estes plans but I sure could use a scan of the decals that came with the Estes kit. I have a pretty good idea of all the larger markings on the actuall Jayhawk from scale drawings but the Estes decals would add a lot of detail.
Also does anyone know if the Estes model was the 37A or the 37C? I'm leaning towards it having been the 37A although I never owned one so I can't be sure. I'm building the 37C but I'm sure I can fudge with 37A decals and not worry to much since paint schemes seemed to vary on the actuall drones and I've allready written off the boatail in order to squeeze 2 x 29's in the 3" tube so obviously I'm not overly concerned about true scale.
Any help, even just pictures of the markings would be appreciated.
I'll try and get the scans of the plans done today and will post them here if possible or I'll have a link to dl them. As far as the decals go, I'll try and get some decent pics of my finished bird from various angles.
I may not get to them until later today as I'm a little preoccupied with the new grandson. His happy parents are only 3 blocks from "granpa's" house so, I tend to have a reason to go over there every chance I get. ;)

Btw...this is the Pro Series Jayhawk
Stones .thank you!! ,.I also have plans to clone the Pro series Jay hawk!!...I believe I have the decal scans somewhere .I will post them if I can find them
Stones & stymye,

That sounds great guys. Decal scans would be very usefull, and to quote Martha Stewart pictures are allways "a good thing".
Stones / Stymye,

Thanks! I'll keep my eye out for your post! This is why this forum is hands down the best source of information for the rocket hobbiest!

Thanks for finding those stymye. I'm sure I can use them one way or another.
Sry for the long wait gents. I've got all 6 pages of the plans scanned an I'm trying to find the best format that keeps the file size low and clean for printing. I've scanned at 150 dpi, and have resized at 50% in PSP and cut the colors down to 2. This will give a tif file at about 80k. The server here doesn't accept those. Any suggestions or otherwise I can put them up on my ISP's server and then format and size won't be an issue? I'd be able to keep them on my IPS's server for awhile anyways.
Here's the decals for the Pro Jayhawk. They are in 2 parts. This post and the next. Let me know if you need anything more detailed.
Martin, they'll work fine for my purposes. I have to upscale them anyway so I end up basically redoing them from scratch to clean up the fuzzy edges I get when resizing.


Stones, they'll work fine for my purposes. I only really need to know decal placement. The text is legible though so I'd say the format is okay.


(is there an echo in here?) they are in order then. They're 1/2 page each as the original plans are double width.
I will be deleting the test pic post so there are not double files.