Estes Industries Re-introduces Rubber Shock Cords

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paul graf

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Aug 19, 2002
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Forgive me if this subject as already been discussed, but I thought it would be worth posting. I cut & pasted the info below from Estes' new website. As you will read Estes has decided to go back providing the rubber shockcords we all use to love & cherish. It make me wonder who really complained about the elastic shock cords? Maybe it was everyone in the "red" states thats did the complaining? :D I am assuming Estes os just provided with bad intelligence. ;rolleyes: But whats is more amazing to me is now Estes as thrown down a challange for everyone to test the durabilty of rubber shock cords.


October 1, 2004, Penrose, CO - Estes Industries, in a continuing quality improvement effort and after extensive testing, has announced the re-introduction of rubber shock cords into their model rocket kits.

Now, with every starter set, ready-to-fly set or builder’s kit, a rubber shock cord will be included. For those Estes rocket kits currently on the retail shelf that contain an elastic shock cord, Estes will provide a FREE replacement rubber shock cord packet to the model rocket enthusiast. Customers may pick up the free replacement packet at their local hobby shops or call the Estes Customer Service Department at 719-372-6565 ext. 216.

Each packet includes two rubber shock cords, an instruction sheet explaining how to install a shock cord and two shock cord mounts. The shock cord mounts are used to securely attach the shock cord into the rocket’s body tube. This keeps the rocket together for recovery.

It is Estes’ goal to develop and manufacture the highest quality model rocket kits on the market. After receiving a good deal of customer feedback about the elastic shock cords, Estes concluded that a better solution was needed. Estes conducted an exhaustive live-firing test program. The current opinion that elastic is better than rubber was determined to not hold true. Estes feels this change to a rubber shock cord is a vast improvement over the elastic material. The new rubber shock cords have out-lasted and out-performed the elastic variety time after time in real world tests.

Estes invites all rocketeers to test these rubber shock cords for themselves. Estes is more than happy to provide a customer or model rocket club with sufficient quantities of rubber shock cords for their own testing purposes. Estes thinks you’ll find, as they did, that these rubber shock cords perform at a higher level than previously known. Go ahead and test them against other shock cord systems, Estes is confident you’ll find the rubber shock cords to be of superior quality. Call the Estes Customer Service Department today at 719-372-6565 ext. 216.
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