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Jan 18, 2009
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Has anyone else noticed that the Estes ignitors don't usually burn through when you use them? Most of the time the coating just burns.

So I have been taking the ignitors that don't burn through and just putting them into the next engine and reusing them :D

As long as your careful to insert it all the way in until it touched the propellant it usually will work for another time.

Yesterday I launched 5 times and only used 2 ignitors. The first one didn't burn through until launch 3 and the other one I got 2 launches out of :D

Needless to say, I now have lots more ignitors than I have motors.:D
A couple friends and I were doing a little impromptu launch and we had an Estes ignitor short out 4 times. The first time we knew it was because the wires were crossed. The second was because the clips were touching. The third and fourth were just weird. Finally on the fifth try, we had a successfull lift off. Go figure...:confused:

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