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Wanted Estes Honest John (2166) Answers.

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OpenRocket Chuck Norris
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Mar 27, 2013
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Uhmmm... Err... I'm not done yet... But I've been working on it.

Clearly, the spin jets need to be redone (I started by upscaling the BT-60 version, but the shape is not the same, nor is the color (and I know that the location for them is wrong at the moment)). I need to figure out how to do some measurements needed for the nosecone (it's too big for my micrometer). The fins are upscaled from the BT-60 version (I can't find my scans of the parts, so I need to redo them) But here's where we stand. I'm hoping to put the diamond shaped profile in the fins.


If this was set on its rear, would a launch lug be at an angle? The sim seems to promote that idea.

And for giggles... Here's a sample of the detail I'm trying to capture. Sadly, however, the horizontal Part "B" pieces that sit atop the vertical Part "B" pieces cannot be made to "lay flat" in OR 15.03. This is the best I can do for now. Later, when the next version drops, I'll be able to update this and get the sim to accurately display the parts. ) and without the "void pieces" I've had to create to give a partial illusion of the voids in this detail.

Thanks to Iowaga for the sample to work from.

Scans that I do have have already been shared with JimZ.


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