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Dr. Don

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Aug 23, 2001
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Hey There Rocketeers!!
Is anybody familiar with the Estes Hellcat kit from about 10 years ago? A train buddy of mine offered to sell me one he bought for his sonway back then. It was sadly never built .....
The kit comes in a box about 15" x 12" x 3"
Estes kit #1465
I don't know if this is a collectable or just a really cool one
to build & fly, or how much it is worth.
Any advice would be welcome!
Dr Don

Are selling it for $37.99 , this is the starter set though. It looks like a cool rocket to fly , as the nosecone comes out and spins back to earth on propellers , this is called 'Helicopter Recovery'. It might be a collectable , as I cannot find the kit version anywhere , just the starter set.
The Hellcat is a starter set, wasn't sold as just a model. it's a varient of the old Heli-Copter kit. where the bt-55 body comes down on a chute while the noxecone has 3 plastic built-on blades the rubber bands that autogyrate to the ground.. usually a good distance from the body;) Not sure if you'd call it a collector starter set, they were first introduced in 1996.
hope this helps
Hey ! Thanks Guys!
I checked back with my train buddy and got a correction on the spelling as HELICAT.
I know I have seen these flown at past launches, just not recently.......They are always a hit!
Dr Don
The Helicat Starter Set is the first rocket I bought when I got back into the hobby back in 1996 or so. It's a great kit.

I have a spare or two around here somewhere that I picked up cheap (I think when they were on clearance at Wally World).

I still have and fly the one I bought as my BAR re-entry. They almost always generate comments because of the helicopter nose-cone recovery. They fly very well on both B and C engines. I imagine they would scream on an Aerotech D, but he E2X engine retainer probably wouldn't survive. I've flown my Helio-copter, a similar earlier kit, on the RMS D and it is a really fun flight, but be sure to have the spotters ready.

Only thing to watch out for is the rubber bands that flip out the rotor blades. They lose their "stretchiness" after awhile and need to be replaced, or the nose cone just flutters around instead of helicoptering in.

Obviously, I recommend the kit as an easy and fun flyer....