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Jan 29, 2009
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I am looking for a fin template for the Estes Guardian. I was able to find the instructions online but no fin template. If you have one please let me know.

I have one in my build pile; I'll see if I can get you something, but someone else will probably beat me to it.
Attached. I didn't scan the entire sheet, but there are 3 fins of each type: the top triangular ones, the big clipped deltas on the back, and the little 4-sided fan-shaped ones for the very bottom.

Hope this helps.

I have some parts to build a possible, slight upscale of the Guardian.
For a reference point, what is the length of the (original size) lower BT-55 and upper BT-50 tubes?
I've never owned the kit and assume those are the sizes used.
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Thanks Chuck H!
I didn't see your response until tonight.