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Estes Gemini DC (2136): Fin Scans w/Ruler

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Mar 27, 2013
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With the upcoming release of the update for OR, I've been playing with pods... One of the kits that I own that has pods is the Estes Gemini DC (2136).

I found scans (a little rough around the edges, but usable) for the instructions, and managed to scan the decals myself before I graduated from university... But I don't have any info on the fins.

I could use scans of them (in matrix or out) with a ruler (1/16 inch measurements or better please). If the fins are out of matrix, having the ruler along the tip edge would probably be best, as this kit has fin tabs (it makes rotation easier if I need to).

A fresh scan of the instructions wouldn't hurt, but isn't necessary.

Tonight is going to be a scan night I suppose. Just been busy the past few days.
Ok... I got what I needed... Here's what it'll look like when OR's update comes out (it was modeled using the Developer's Version I was sent):

Awesome! I just downloaded the rocksim file from rocket reviews last week and when I opened it in open rocket , there was missing pieces. Can't wait for this update . Planning on doing an upscale Gemini dc.