Estes Firefly scratch knock off

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Mar 12, 2017
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I tend to use what I have as much as possible when it comes to scratch builds. So I was wondering if a firefly built from a barbecue skewer and corrugated cardboard would work. FYI wings/ tail are rough draft proof of concept, not final measurements.
Will it work? Probably. Though it won't be very efficient. The cardboard is heavy by comparison to light balsa and thick, and there is absolutely no way to sand an airfoil into it.
Can't do much about the weight, but you can get an airfoil out of corrugated cardboard. What you do is use just a touch of hot glue along the leading edge and pinch it. You let the glue cool off a bit so you don't get scalded(only takes a few seconds) push the glue in between the two layers of cardboard(not far, 1/8 inch is fine), then pinch it closed. It's not all done at once, you work your way along.