3D Printing Estes Fin Can 072614

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Jack Hydrazine

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May 31, 2011
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This is a 3D model of the Estes Fin Can 072614 which is a successor to the Estes PRP-1G fin can produced by Estes that has four fins. It is designed to fit BT-50 Estes airframe tubing, BT-20 tubing for the motor mount tubing, and BT-20 to BT-50 centering rings.

Estes model rocket kits that have used this fin can:

Kit# 1260 No. 2 Sky Writer
Kit# 1333 Scorpion (used 2 fin units) (later production kits)
Kit# 1993 Lancer
Kit# 2026 Athena
Kit# 2042 America
Kit# 2076 Pegasus
Kit# 2092 Mongoose
Kit# 2097 Manta
Kit# 2150 Rattler-7