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Feb 6, 2004
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Clinton, SC
I've seen some old post and pics about the older Estes fin alignment jig and seen pics the newer jig, does anyone know how the two compare? Can the older one still be found? It looks like a better tool(?).

I saw some pics of the self-engineered versions that look pretty good and if I have to, I'll make one. I think I would rather purchase though. It looks like it could really save some time and increase alignment accuracy at the same time.

the older version is a basic fin alignment tool that can hold all the fins for glueing in one set-up .

the newer tool is more of a marking guide,,although it does have the capability of holding one fin at a time for glueing...

basically not the same tool can build a multi-fin alignmrnt fixture simular to the older estes one, fairly easily using a wood base , pieces of angle stock and clamps