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Estes Farside-X (K-12X)(ca. 1971) Instructions, Decals, and Fin Patterns (with ruler)

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Mar 27, 2013
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Three guesses what I'm trying to do here... And the first two don't count.

I'm looking to reproduce the appearance of the 1971 catalog model. The instructions found on JimZ's look to be older than 1971 and don't include the decals.


However, I'm actually not looking to build the kit right now, I'm working on my sim of it.

DOH ! Of course you are ! What was I thinkin' ?!? :wink:

There are two entries in the Rocksim library on RocketReviews.com
I rarely even bother looking at rocketreviews.com anymore. All too often the files that are posted there aren't accurate enough to justify trying to fix. Also, with .rkt files, not everything gets imported (such as the pods and the fins attached to them).