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Mar 23, 2011
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It's been a while since I built an Estes kit...well, a stock Estes kit heh. I am thinking about an Executioner, but I have a question. What are the fins made of? Specs say they are laser cut so I assume plywood. If someone could clarify this, that'd be great. Also what's the centering ring material on that kit?

Thanx in advance.
from EMRR

The kit came in one of Estes' infamous plastic bags. The kit included the body tubes, motor mount tube, coupler, centering rings, spacer for D motors, launch lugs, retention hook, plywood (yes, plywood) fins, pathetically short shock cord, unassembled 24 inch parachute, NC-80A nose cone and decals. The instructions were complete with illustrations and text. Due to the pre-slotted body tube and shock cord attachment, no templates were needed.
ya marv at the ROCC launch u asked me what other mods he used and i asked him after u left and he said he used either birch or plywood fins instead of the supplied estes, added a baffle, made it 29mm, and got a longer shock cord
Cool deal. Thanx for the fin info guys. How bout the CR's?
Hey Marv, the fins are the strongest and probably the best I,ve seen in all the kits that I,ve built no modifications required. I used the factory cr's and coated them with CA for added strength. I did build a baffle because I don't like wadding too much and I also used the two part foam in the fin can. I had to put 2.5 oz of nose weight. I believe the weight came out about 20 oz. We have flown it on F-50s, G-40s and G-64-7s. The shute is a rip stop nylon from one of my areotech kits (Tomahawk). The body tube is the cheesyest part of the kit but it has survived so far.
Oh, so they're the stock fins? Cool. I do know one thing- it flies great, and the BT obviously is holding up.