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Feb 1, 2009
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I was looking thru my box o'crap for an E engine hook and realized that this one was not quite long enough! It measures 3.5 inches between ends instead of 3.75. I have 3 of these along with several correct length E hooks. I bought a few engine mount kits on sale for $.50 each at Michaels a while back and just threw them all in my junk box.
Has anyone else found odd length hooks like this?
The pic shows a regular ABC size, the "short" E and the regular E.

If you are certain that they came from an Estes motor mount kit, I'll bet Estes would replace them just as fast as they could.

Otherwise, trim them a bit, re-bend, and convert them to regular 2.75 inch retaining clips?
I am not sure that these came from the engine mounts kits I got at Michaels. It's possible that they have been in my junk box for a very long time. I do remember buying E15 engine mounts kits for my Phoenix back in the 80s(?). The first flight with an E15 cato-ed, blowing the burning propellant slug out the top like a roman candle. I still have a few E15s that I won't risk flying.

Yeh , they would of been from the old Estes E15's ! And i WOULDNT try igniting one of the E15's you have , you never know what keeping it for that amount of time could of done to the propellant / casing!